In the Workshop... and pricing structure

A single hat can take anything from 1 hour to an entire day. If you hat base is simple and your design is simple then MRM can make your hat relatively quickly. If you hat requires blocking (the shaping of the base), drying. cutting, sewing together and decorating from hand made items then obviously you are looking at a complex and time consuming process.

Prices will reflect time and materials used. Hats can start from as little as £15 up to £150. Please do contact us with your request, you may be surprised at how reasonable prices are- I will also offer alternative designs to suit your price range.  Discounts may be given for large (more than one) hat or returning customers.

Roving dread falls and wool falls can again take several hours to complete and price will be based on time and materials used. These can start from as little as £15. Please do contact us with your requirements (see the Dreads page).

Medals can be made on request, though we will work with what we have available with regards to coins, medals and spoons. These start from £5- Bargain! Please do feel free to send us something to work with if you require something tresured making into a medal to wear. We work with our sister company, Arthur Foot's Empourium who make the medals along with jewellery for ladies and gents. Please follow the link to his page (dreads/ jewellery/art tab).

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